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Dugout Studio Dugout Studio based in Uppsala / Sweden, Dugout productions offers everything you will need from a high-end recording studio at an affordable rate. Our no compromise approach has resulted in a studio that quite simply should be experienced to be believed!

Making and recording music is not only a question of technology, but also of atmosphere. We´ve created an environment that is immediately familiar, comfortable and is very conducive to making music both for the artist and producer. In other words, it is a place where you can give totally free rein to your creativity.




KOLOSS Mesuggah's eigth studioalbum is out on March 23rd (EU) via Nuclear Blast Records. Catch band on tour at http://bit.ly/meshtour


In Flames

The new album "Sounds Of a Playground Fading" is being released in Sweden 15th of june 2011. The record label(s) who are releasing the new In Flames album is/are: Century Media www.centurymedia.com & Razzia Records (Sweden only) www.razziarecords.se - Trooper (Japan Only) http://trooper.co.jp/

In Flames was formed by Jesper Strömblad back in 1990. The band as it was at the time consisted of Jesper, Johan Larsson and Glenn Ljungström. A demo was recorded and soon after the band got a record deal and released "Lunar Strain" and it did not take long before the album was a classic in the fast growing Scandinavian death metal scene.

In Flames have sold over 2.5 million albums worldwide to date!!!

In October 2010 In Flames once again entered their own IF Studios together with producer Roberto Laghi, Daniel Bergstrand and Örjan Örnkloo to start the recording of "Sounds Of a Playground Fading".

For more info and news on what is happening in the world of IN FLAMES see websites below



“First time I heard them, I wanted more.” These are the words of In Flames front man and Insense manager Anders Fridén, when talking about his exposure to Norwegian metal quartet Insense.

“They have this amazing ability to sound extreme yet poised, dark yet beautiful, hardcore yet soft, technical yet simplistic, all without falling into the “pathetic”-trap. They are an extreme metal band that’s comfortable to listen to. They’re difficult to categorize that way.”

“I was surprised. They don’t look like metal heads, and they certainly don’t act like metal heads. Still they’ve come up with some of the best material at least I’ve heard in a long time,” recalls Bergstrand. Together, they spent a month making the 10-track, 39-minute, hard-hitting metal monster “Born In Beautiful Fire.” “I’m really proud of the result. I’ve worked with bigger names, bigger budgets and bigger productions before, but this one stands out. It’s become a reference to me. A milestone – the album I got right.”

“It’s redundant to say “this is the best album we’ve ever made”,” says Hjelm. “Of course you’d say that. But this time, we’ve managed to focus our many influences into one, strong output. This album is much more of a whole than our previous efforts. I think those who liked us before will love us now. They’d be crazy not to!” And so, with a new label, with a new amazing album, Insense look back on their history of small steps, preparing for the big leap: world domination – born in beautiful fire.

Release april 8th, 2011

Read full press release here (.pdf)


Evergrey Listeners will feel this positive energy throughout Glorious Collision, the band’s eighth studio album, which is due for release on 28 February 2011 (Germany: 25 February 2011; USA/Canada: 22 February 2011) on Steamhammer/SPV. A dynamic goody bag featuring the most diverse material ever released on an Evergrey album. “This may sound like a contradiction in view of our personnel situation, but Rikard and I have allowed more influences on Glorious Collision than ever before. Some elements on Glorious Collision are classic rock, based on a metal format, sometimes the tracks are quiet and haunting, sometimes wild, demanding and gripping.”

This diversity is also expressed in the instrumentation of this extremely dynamic studio production which presents the new band members Marcus Jidell (guitar), Hannes Van Dahl (drums) and Johan Niemann (bass). “It’s great to hear what a breath of fresh air Marcus, Johan and Hannes have brought into the band,” Englund enthuses. “Although the entire material, except for two songs to which Marcus contributed on the compositional side, had already been decided when we started recording, they all left their own, very personal mark on this album.” The great experience of Jidell and Niemann, who have worked with acts such as Royal Hunt and Therion, among others, and have now contributed lots of positive energy together with the 20-year-old drummer, Van Dahl, can be felt throughout the album.

More info at Evergrey MySpace, www.evergrey.net


Dimmu Borgir YERSINIA is what you get when you let some Swedes, force-fed on indigenous black metal, death metal and crust, play metalcore. While staying true to some of the genres defining elements, YERSINIA ups the ante with more dissonance, more speed, and not a single moment of playing to the gallery. Lyrically, this is not another bland three-word band, but one that uses every single line to express something - in their native tongue. The use of the wordplay of 19th century Swedish poetry, this is definitely something that, combined with the extraordinary violent music, won't leave anyone unaffected.

YERSINIA started out in 2008 and released two EPs on their own before signing with Black Star Foundation for their debut album, EFTER OSS SYNDAFLODEN. The album was recorded and produced by Daniel Bergstrand and Rickard Sporrong, known for their work with, amongst others, In Flames, Meshuggah and Raised Fist, in DugOut Studios during the summer of 2010. The album shows off a band that can't be held back in any direction, and a band that completely explodes with creativity and emotion. In eleven songs YERSINIA makes eleven well-crafted and thoroughly intense statements not just about what music should sound like 2010, but also what true artistic expression truly is.


Danne Bergstrand

One world-renowned drummer, Tomas Haake, member of the extreme metal band Meshuggah. One in demand producer, Daniel Bergstrand, whose mixing and producing credits include the likes of In Flames, Strapping Young Lad, Soilwork and Meshuggah, just to name a few. Two Incredible drum sets, assembled and recorded to metal perfection, ready to bring your metal productions to the next level.

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Danne Bergstrand

Introducing the Metal EZmix Pack by Daniel Bergstrand. Tons of quick and EZ presets for Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals...and yes, DRUMS! If you make metal, this was made for you. Mixing your metal really did just get that much more EZ. Make sure you get EZmix plug-in and the Metal EZmix Pack. Toontrack - defining software drums since 1999 * The EZmix Packs is designed to work with EZmix v.1.0.1 or higher only.

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Danne Bergstrand

Watch Toontrack TV Danne Bergstrand talks about the Metal EZMIX Pack.

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Dimmu Borgir Dimmu Borgir album ABRAHADABRA will be released:
Germany 24 September 2010
Rest of Europe 27 September 2010
USA 12 October 2010


Keep of Kalasin Keep of Kalasin album release May 10th.

Not being afraid of breaking new ground Keep Of Kalessin shocked the extreme metal scene in January 2010 by entering the Norwegian Eurovision song contest. Keep Of Kalessin finished 3rd in the national finals receiving more than 250 000 votes from the Norwegian audience!

After this unusual experience they returned to more familiar surroundings entering their own "Morningstar Studio" in Trondheim, Norway for the recording of their new album "Reptilian".


The discography has been updated with some new albums.


Meshuggah For all of you Meshuggah fans that have been waiting for a live-dvd from Meshuggah, the waiting is soon over! The live dvd is set to be released in the beginning of 2010 on the 5th of February in Europe and 9th of February in the US.

Visit Meshuggah website.


Without a doubt one of the colombian bands with the most international projection, recently released their debut album "Manifesto". Their first public declaration is one of the longest awaited albums of 2009. The final product is a collection piece, recorded and produced at Dugout Productions by Daniel Bergstrand (In Flames, Meshuggah, Soilwork) and Illustrated by Dung Hoang (Elektra Records, Dreamworks SKG, Converse, Warner Bros). ANTÍPODA is currently preparing the "Manifesto Tour" that will cover for now North, Central and South America.

More info at www.myspace.com/antipoda, www.antipoda.net


Norwegian metal quartet Insense has visited Dugout to record their fourth album, yet untitled. This is the second time the band visits us, but the first time they have let someone else take charge of the production. The ten-track result can be heard early 2010.

For more info, check out www.insense.no and www.myspace.com/insense


OSA The brand new album "Øresus and nesegrus" splashes of surplus energy through 13 very catchy tunes. Gebhardt is back behind drums again for the first time since Motorpsycho´s "its a promise Cult", and with him a dream team of musicians.

For more information, please contact HÃ¥kon Gebhardt (45660435 / hgeb@online.no)


"They can't keep us down! Still around! Adding something new to the sound!". So the battle cry goes up on Raised Fist´s stunning fifth full-length "Veil Of Ignorance". Having hit Uppsala, Sweden´s respected Studio Dug Out in April 2009, the band got to work with long time producer and friend Daniel Bergstrand (In Flames, Meshuggah) on what is surely their finest effort to date. "We usually write 11 or 12 songs only," Hagman says. "We have more than planned this time because we could not take one song away from the record. Every song has its own spine and every song is my favourite one way or the other."

For more information please visit:
www.BurningHeart.com and MySpace.com/RaisedFist

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